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We were honored that our project made it to the cover page of  House Trends Magazine Tampa Bay July/August 2019 edition. A full 7 pages interview. 

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Our services comprise: 

  • Create the entire home aesthetics for new constructions. We will facilitate working with your selected  General Contractor to choose all elements of your new house. 
  • Room consultation to update the look  of an existing space.
  • project management to complete an integral home remodeling  project. 
  • Furniture layout and selection  

Each  of our projects start by understanding the customer’s individual needs,  and  each family member use of the space to be designed. The customer’s  personal styles are taken in to account as well. Different design  considerations are then suggested and a budget and schedule is then  developed. Andrea’s analytical background and project management skills  are applied during execution to control budget and timeline, and to  anticipate and resolve issues with creative solutions.  

Residential - interior 

  • Design and space planning (function and style)  
  • Furniture layout and selection  
  • Selection and placement of art pieces and accessories  
  • Color consultations  
  • Room makeovers  
  • Project Management (planning and supervision)   
  • Budget and schedule management  
  • Furniture restoration (upholstery, paint)

Home Remodeling 

  • Remodeling and Design consultation  
  • Selection and management of contractors and suppliers  
  • Budget and schedule management  
  • Selection of materials   
  • Increase value to Real Estate investment

When  you decide to remodel your home chances are that this is going to be  the first and maybe the only time that you engage in a project of this  nature.   Selecting  the right contractor is usually a very stressful decision as you have  no experience on which are the right question to prequalify a  contractor, or to determine if it’s the appropriate one for the kind of  job that you need to get done. Managing the contractor relationship is  another stressful factor. Most of the times the homeowner has difficulty  to understand the issues that arise during construction and how to  manage the budget or the schedule.   

On the other hand,  nowadays when it comes to design there are so many options and access to  so many manufactures that most of the homeowners become confused. The  common mistakes that homeowners make are: mixing styles making the  final project look unsophisticated, choosing materials that are  regularly used by general contractors and therefore miss the  opportunity to create a unique space, or simple updating features without thinking how a new layout may contribute to a better use of the  space.  Lots of homeowners spend money in improvements that don’t bring  value to their Real State investment.   

The benefits of hiring  Andrea Canedo design to work on your  remodeling project  will easily  offset the cost of our services. By selecting the right providers to  execute your project we will work together to relieve stress and  complete the project within budget and on time, assuring the end results  will satisfy your functional needs and resemble your personal style..  

Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services